Welcome to AIMSTAR.GG


AIMSTAR.GG is a platform where you can practice to improve your Aim and Shooting skills.

AIMSTAR.GG will help you improve your performance in those fps games which you are already playing such as, CS:GO, Fortnite, PUBG, Rainbow Six and Overwatch just to name a few.

AIMSTAR.GG already provides several maps and new ones are created every month. New Maps will be created both by our design team at AIMSTAR.GG and by you as a gamer.

Join our workshop to start creating!

At AIMSTAR.GG you will find the various game modes listed below.


Aim shooting

Maps where you really get to improve your AIM.

Aim shooting comes in 3 different game modes.

  • Survival
    You try to survive as long as possible. Enemies are attacking you from all different spots.
  • Time mode
    You get extended time for each elimination.
  • Time Attack
    Eliminate as many enemies you can in 60, 90 or 120 seconds.


Other Game Maps at AIMSTAR.GG 


You enter the map competing as solo, duo or a squad of 5 against others and the last man/team standing is the winner.


You find yourself at a vantage point sniping enemy soldiers in a distance and preventing them from escaping. The longer you play the tougher it gets.

Sniper Pro

This will be the ultimate Long Shot Sniper, where you have to calculate all the criteria to hit the target over 1 mile away (1,609km). You will have to estimate and consider wind direction, air temperature, how high up you are, humidity, gravitation and more.

This will be the Ultimate Challenge.



SKINS will also be sold on our platform to show your weapons to your personal liking. You will also have the possibility to design new skins in our workshop. If they are approved by our team they will be put up for sale and you, being the creator, will have a revenue share from those sales.


AIMSTAR.GG tournaments

You will get the opportunity to compete for money and prizes in all Aimstar.gg game modes.


You can hire coaches from all over for live lessons on how to improve your game. You simply choose the coach for the game of your liking.

Welcome to AIMSTAR.GG and enjoy your game.